Friday, July 16, 2010

Mucho Frustrazione!

Yeah yeah, I know, it's a terrible mash-up of language in the title, but I'm going insane here!

I've spent the last three days dealing with a virus infection on my computer, and I have had enough!  The little basterd is called 'Desktop Security 2010' and it has invaded all of the good shit on my machine.  Just when you are happy with the way your pc is running you get infected by this kind of crap!  To whoever is responsible for this program, let it be known:  You are a miserable piece of shit, worthy of none of the good things that life can bring.  FUCK YOU!

Right.  That is partially out of my system.  I have been consoling myself with the counsel of wise friends and enthusiasts, listening to Abbey Road (yep, I have been low!), re-organising my little studio, sampling some of my excellent home-brew, and cursing the little fuckers responsible - you know who you are.

There has been one positive in all this.  If there is one way to get to learn about computers, it's to wreck one and then rebuild/disinfect it!  Not the way I would prefer, of course, but meh.  Now I know slightly more about modern personal computing than I did a week ago.

Another little problem I have encountered is my preamp in my studio is playing up.  I get crackling and signal loss on the right hand channel, particularly when playing at low levels.  I can put up with it (kind of), but it's driving me nuts.  My fixit man told me a while back that this is a common problem with older amps of the NAD brand (it's a 314 integrated amp that I have switched to preamp mode, powered by a great little Proton AA-1150), easily fixed, apparently, but the $$$ just aint there at the mo.  Come on tax return!  Come on lottery win!  Come on new job!!!

I've also got a couple of additions to my Freezing Phoenix blog to do, but I'm unwilling to add any more photos to my system while this Desktop shit is plagueing me.  But regarding The Local's  stout range (especially the offerings from 3 Ravens, Moo Brew and Mountain Goat), and some of the brews from Bridge Road Brewers, James Squire (Malt Runner) and Monteith's, the reviews are coming...

Enough already.   I'm still cranky.

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  1. So, either you're still cranky, or your 'puter ain't fixed yet?