Friday, January 24, 2014

#11 Mike Pullano

In this episode I chat with Mike Pullano, one of the co-hosts of my favourite podcast Pizza Beer Revolution. Mike is a teacher, with a background in TV production, as well as being involved in one of his great passions - ice hockey - as host of the New York Rangers' Blueshirt Buzz. I first connected to Mike via social media, as an unashamed fanboy of the brilliant PBR podcast. The thing that really hit me about his show was how much it was like listening to my own friends - such similar interests and sense of humour! Frightening! Maybe it's a New Jersey thing, but it's wonderful to hear so much irony and self-deprecating humour in the American vernacular - PBR goes a long way towards dispelling the myth that Americans 'don't get' irony.

 So, you know what to do. Grab a couple of bottles of your favourite beer, kick back, and crank that smartphone to 11!

Who wants to play 'Top or Bottom'?



Sunday, January 5, 2014

When a new government comes to power brandishing mandates like a machete, few consider the effect a slash in foreign aid can have. With no immediate – or at least easily identifiable – fiscal return to the nation’s economy, foreign aid makes for an easy target. In this conversation with Lisa Renkin, an International Health Specialist and Fellow with the Burnet Institute, we look at the efforts being undertaken by this Australian NGO in the fight against HIV in China, and explore some of the benefits that come with such working relationships.