Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#23 James Young

James Young is the co-owner of the iconic Melbourne rock venue Cherry Bar, and founder of the best annual alternative music festival in Australia - Cherry Rock.  In this episode we talk about the threat to venues from developers and councils, the live music scene's health and ongoing innovation, and whether Melbourne really does trump Sydney in the rock'n'roll stakes.  We also touch on how Melbourne manages to consistently produce such brilliant acts, with two bands in particular getting high praise from James: King of the North and Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene...





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Monday, July 21, 2014

#22 Matt Emery & Larry Boxshall

Matt Emery is a comic book artist and publisher, and Larry Boxshall is a writer, film maker, podcaster and all-round pervert.  Both of them join me at the Palace Hotel, South Melbourne, to discuss the hottest things going in Geekdom - film, comic books and more!  We figure out what is really 'cool', solve the problem of gender equity in cinema, and why Americans have the nasty habit of getting caught in huge sculptural German vaginas!


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