Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Attaxas Song Up!

I have finally thrown caution (and my ego) to the wind, and put up the first of my ATTAXAS songs up on Myspace.  The title is a little long-winded and pompous (it's Latin, after all!), but it seems to suit the song (what?  am I saying that this song is pompous and long-winded?  Shit, maybe I am...).  Stigmata Tantum Recubo, an instrumental piece, and the one that will open the album.  You can check it out here at http://www.myspace.com/attaxas  If you want a translation, then look it up yourself!


  1. Damn - can't open myspace from skool.

    Will check it out as soon as I can. Kudos to you, young Sir.

  2. Mooooody.

    Attaxes at work. Someone had to say it!