Saturday, May 8, 2010

World Cup Speziell Bock

Well, finally, it's that time of the year.  Brewing season has well and truly begun, and the World Cup is nearly upon us, so to celebrate this momentous occasion I have put together a recipe for a lager to suit.  As our first opponent in this, the greatest of all competitions, is Germany, I have decided to follow the theme with a German-style lager, or strong bock.  The World Cup Speziell Bock has a medium body, complimented with a complex, spicy hoppiness that balances well with the alcohol content.  Having only just started this brew, it's not really going to be ready in time for the great competition, but what the hell, at least we will be able to sample it around the time when Australia qualifies for the group of 16!

Brewed in the style of some of the great European strong lagers (think Paulaner, or even a strong Dortmunder), this little gem is spicy, with a little touch of citrus, with a solid, but not overpowering bitterness.  I'm not usually a fan of the super-malty lagers (the lighter ones, anyway), and even though I'm using a fair amount of malt for this recipe, I'm pretty confident that this will be balanced out with the hop/alcohol combination.

Enjoy brewing!

World Cup Speziell Bock (approx. 7.5% alc.)

Black Rock Bitter
Black Rock light malt extract 1.5kg
500g crystal malt grain
500g Munich malt grain
250g pils malt grain
500g dried light malt extract
250g glucose
250g dried corn syrup
15g Green Bullet hops @ 25 mins
10g Amarillo hops @ 10 mins
10g Belgian Saaz/Motueka hops @ 5 mins
15g Tettnanger finishing hops
11g munich yeast

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