Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Latest Offering From Koopsbrew.

I have put together a wheat beer today for the first time.  After racking my attempt at an American Pale Ale, I got stuck into what I call the "Freiheit Weizenbier", or "Freedom Wheat-beer".  I have decided that after I use up my three remaining malt-extract kits I am going to concentrate on making malt-grain brews only.  I have done the research, and I think ten solid years of kit-based brewing is an apprenticeship enough.  Hold my breath, count to ten, and here we go...

Freiheit Weizenbier (approx. 5.7% alc)

Black Rock Whispering Wheat hopped malt-extract kit
750g glucose
300g dried light malt extract
250g dried corn syrup
250g pils malt grain
500g Munich malt grain
5g Green Bullet hops @ 15 min
15g Hersbrucker hops @ 5 min
20g Saaz hops dry-hopped
11.5g Safbrew WB-06 wheat beer yeast

See below for method.  All grain was steeped at around 66degC for 90 minutes.


  1. Ah yeah. I've currently got a four-week old Weizen bottle conditioning. It's getting better with age, was a little light in body at the three-week mark. Im thinking laying off it until 6 weeks, see what happens. I used Libety hops this time around, but am going to switch to Saaz like this one for version 2.

  2. Haven't used the Liberty hops before. I recently put together an American pale ale (see New World Pale Ale below) with Amarillo and Chinook and it's a hop bomb! Delicious already, but still needs another few months to grow into those big flavours. I'll keep an eye out for the Liberty hops though. Thanks mate!