Monday, November 16, 2009

...And Now Off To Kill Some Fuckers!

So, I've been to work, went straight to the gym, ran for 5 kms, did my core work, 30 mins on the cross-trainer, 20 mins (quick) stretching. I've just had a lunch of chicken pasta, some apple juice, my vitamins. Now I'm off for a quick bike ride to a friend's place. I'm gonna play Modern Warfare II, smoke some pot, maybe a couple of cigarettes, and have a couple of well-earned beers. Crazy? YOU FUCKING BET YOUR ARSE I AM!!!


  1. Hey Koops,

    Thanks again for the junta CD.

    What's your COD4 ID / Name?

    Mines : Greasyb

  2. In the COD universe Koops is known as deathVADER. I will see you in the rooms... ;)