Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Pitfalls of General Anaesthesia

Ok, so I had the operation on Friday.  Today being Tuesday, it's now four days after the procedure and I still don't feel quite right.  Swaying between restlessness and exhaustion, I have acute soreness and tightness on my left (!) side, and I'm fluctuating between states of relaxation and tension.  I feel weird, and it feels like it was the anaesthetic that did it.  It's a very strange sensation seeing the fluid being pushed down through the IV and feeling yourself fall under...  And then wake up.  UFO abductees refer to this as 'missing time', that is, having the sensation or awareness that a period of time has passed, but having no break or 'bump' in consciousness.  This is something I find a little bit scary.  But, it's a little peak into the future, a trial-run of what death will be like, perhaps.  It's that fade to nothing - except later we wake up and remember the before.

Here are a couple of little images from the day of the operation.
Not long after waking, kids going nuts in the room, and I feel very strange...

Before the clean-up and redressing.

The surgeon assisting assured me beforehand that they would be mindful of the ink!

By the way, the hospital that I stayed at, Cabrini Brighton, was awesome.  Thank you to the excellent staff.

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