Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Just A Matter Of Opinion.

Today, at my shit job (populated, nonetheless, by some very interesting and amusing cogs-in-the-wheel/co-workers) I was roundly criticised for being a fan of Paul Verhoeven's brilliant and hilarious film Starship Troopers.  For those that aren't in 'The Know', this film is a total freakin' classic - I mean, for chrissakes, Doogie Howser is in the movie all kitted up in Gestapo-style leather trench coat (a psi-ops specialist already!), and Dina Meyer plays the ultimate in kick-ass female action heroes.  AND it's sci-fi!  What more could anyone possibly want?  Well?  Huh?

And yes, I am a MASSIVE Star Wars fan, too.  I am more than happy to debate the political, social, religious and philosphical symbolism that drives George Lucas' saga with anyone, anytime.  Yes, there are flaws that almost ruin it all, but isn't that part of the charm?  Just as an example, I remember after Episode I:  The Phantom Menace came out an acquaintance of mine criticised Lucas for being a racist for his portrayal of the Gungans as a parody of American attitudes towards Jamaicans, the Neimoidians being a parody of American attitudes towards Asians, and the junkyard dealer Watto being a parody of American attitudes towards Jews.  Maybe he was right.  But then again, maybe he was a boring stoner 2nd year film student who could spend hours extemporizing on Jean Luc Godard, Eric Rohmer, and the effect of New Wave on New Hollywood? Yeah?  And?  So?  What?  It's a parody, dickhead.  Lighten the fuck up.  It's social commentary, played in the medium of film, masked within the genre of science fiction, spiced with the subtle flavours of caricature.  Get the fuck over it.  And shut the fuck up with your pathetic undergraduate self-righteousness.  It's a MOVIE.  Why not the criticism of Ursula Le Guin's utterly brilliant The Dispossessed?  Or Margaret Atwood's sublime The Handmaiden's Tale?  Hmmm?  Yeah, thought so.

I read this book when I was 12 years old and it changed my life.  It should be compulsory reading in high school.
Dina Meyer in Starship Troopers.  Appparently Denise Richards was in the movie too.
Despite what some people may think, I do not believe that Star Wars is the greatest movie ever made.  That honour, of course, belongs to The Empire Strikes Back.
Futuristic Gestapo Doogie Howser.  I think it's wonderful that he is gay in real life.  Shit man, life is just too funny!!! 
Thematically complex.  Superbly realised.  This film is the bomb.  Oh, and Paul Verhoeven also made a couple of other little movies like Total Recall, Basic Instinct and Robocop.
I once heard this book described as 'Feminist Science Fiction'.  Bollocks.  It's fucking awesome.  Period.  As in 'The End', not as in 'menstruation'.


  1. hey cuzzie bro,

    In firm agreement about Starship troopers being a great flick, too many morons miss the satire same with his Robocop another great flick.

    I'd love to see some new Verhoeven Sci-Fi.

    and yes Empire is the best, I actually was thinking about that this morning, what other film would maim it's heroes so severely with no real come-uppance for the baddies? luke's arm and han's carbonisation terrified me as a kid.

    Handmaiden's tale, i never read but saw the flick aways back which was disturbing for my young mind.

    I have The Dispossessed. I must read it.

    my workplace is pretty lacking nowadays. no you, no Bennett, no Brett, Eddies on leave, Moo 'Handsome' Hartley only comes in occasionally...spend most mornings listening to brutal technical death metal on the gaypod.

  2. I for one think the movie in no way does the book justice, a days read and you might agree. As for 'Dizzy'... Oh my goodness, she's gorgeous as some octurian poon tang. Top 3 . Sith / Empire / Aliens. Everybody loves a good tragedy. Top 10 are debatable... But sorry my friend STroopers ain't in there.

  3. Nano, I never said that Starship Troopers would be in my top anything lists, I just meant to say that it is underrated. Having said that, it probably WOULD make my top 10 sci-fi flicks list. Hmmm. What else? Sith, of course, Aliens, yes. The rest? Well, that is a reason to get together over some coldies and hotties and discuss...

    M.Emery, I too was shitscared by Empire. I remember getting into a fist fight in grade 4 with a kid who told me that yes, in fact Vader was Luke's father, and I simply couldn't believe it. I thought that it was part of some nefarious plan of the Sith (who I used to think was an army) to fool Luke into turning to the dark side. You know how God constantly fucks with people? Well, that's Vader. See? He's fucking with you right now.


  4. Remind me next time not to write a blog post when I am drunk! Have just re-read this one and... sheesh! Not one of my more eloquent works...