Monday, February 14, 2011

A Paying Gig

Yours truly, caught in the rapture at Cherry Rock 2008.
It seems that you can fool some of the people some of the time!  I have scored myself a writing gig, working for a new music magazine called  Here's a link to the official website

I am excited as hell!  The mag looks beautiful, printed in a large format, there's lots of pretty damned amazing looking photography, and I have been hired (can I say 'headhunted'?) to help provide some hard-hitting insight and honest-to-god 'tude about the music industry.  Well they bloody well came to the right man for that job! hits the newsstands and bookstores 27th March.


  1. Look forward to reading some quality ranting.

  2. Awesome,
    Congratulations Bro'...Rock em!!

  3. congrats bro, i like your writing, you go deep, real deep bro...

  4. I am thoroughly impressed.

    My next single malt will be tilted in your direction. Bravo!

  5. Thanks to all. Having a blast meeting some cool folks, but the writing - she not so easy!

  6. hiiiiigh fiiiive!! Can't say I'm surprised though. You are quite the clever clogs, and exhibit the type of writerly control I never even dare to aspire to. i try and pretend laissez-faire is part of my style, but really, I'm just (a) lazy and (b) not good enough. You, on the other hand, are.