Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Greetings

Today is TGLW's Birthday. I can't mention the exact age, but it's somewhere between 21 and 43.  If you think real hard, I'm sure you can work it out - if you were that way inclined...

So, on behalf of Men, the world over (well, at least those that reside here in Melbourne), I would like to thank Alannah Hill, Borders and JB Hi Fi for making my shopping experience as pleasurable and painless as possible.

I become very self-conscious when buying gifts for others, especially for TGLW.  Most often I feel like Homer Simpson when he bought the greatest gift he could possibly think of for his wife Marge - a bowling ball with his own name inscribed on it.  God!  I feel I am being judged on every gift!  Nothing is ever good enough!  They are always too cheap!  Too ugly!  Too practical!  Too boring!  And so on.  There is no gift that conveys my true feelings of love and appreciation.  Have I bought a bowling ball this year?


  1. So what did TGLW get?
    Personally a huge bunch of helium balloons in rainbow colours are enough for me, or a mini dalek that talks ...
    THis year I'm hoping for a slap up Yum Cha or dinner at Cutler and Co ....
    It doesn't need to be fancy, it can be practical and cheap so long as it is given with love and a few hugs.
    Well that's my opinion!

  2. The Good Lady Wife got wot she deserved - a wonderful day spent with family and friends!